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SIM Has A Global Healthcare Network

From the Director’s Desk By John Denbok, Executive Director, SIM Canada A few months ago, I was meeting with the SIM U.S.A Director, to do some strategic thinking. He mentioned a statistic that stopped me in my tracks.

When God Leads And We Go, Lives Are Impacted

In South Sudan hundreds walk from the surrounding area and refugee camps to wait for the doors of the Grieve Memorial Clinic to be opened.

Malawians The Hands And Feet Of God

After nursing for over 15 years in Canada, my husband and I joined the staff at Partners in Hope in Lilongwe to help them grow their outreach.

It Took A Team To Care For Nestor

Nestor arrived at the Alafia clinic, after testing positive for HIV. He began on antiretroviral therapy to treat his HIV.

Know Someone In Healthcare?

It’s one thing to know someone, another to challenge them to use their skills in service for God. but be assured that SIM has a place for them to serve.

Satellite Fistula Clinic Changes Women's Lives

Travel into the north of the DRC is risky business. Sadly, terrorist activity has made any trip hazardous (at best) for locals and visitors alike in any area north of Bunia.

“Do you mean that Scripture is for us too?”

One of Audrey’s main roles is to help women who arrive at CEML with obstetric fistula. Canadians don’t think of giving birth as dangerous, although it once was so even in Canada.

Providing Hope

Though COVID-19 in South Asia prevented Ingrid from doing her usual physiotherapy, she continued to use her gifts to treat a patient through WhatsApp.

2 Year Old Burn Victim Receives Loving Care From Her Cousin

Okiki is a two-year-old with deep burns on her face and hands. Her mother had burns much worse, covering more than 30% of her body.

Help To The Hidden

Despite the unrest in the country, Hidden Abilities, a ministry to the physically and mentally challenged in Northern Ethiopia, has continued to operate thanks to capable local staff!

Advisors With Purpose

Will the legacy you leave reflect the life you’ve lived?